[dream-pop, indie-rock] (2017) Beach House - B-Sides and Rarities [FLAC,Tracks] {100.XY}


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(2017) Beach House - B-Sides and Rarities [FLAC,Tracks]
01 - Chariot.flac   34.5 MB
13 - 10 Mile Stereo (Cough Syrup Remix).flac   32.79 MB
09 - The Arrangement.flac   29.49 MB
08 - Play the Game.flac   28.68 MB
05 - White Moon (iTunes Session Remix).flac   26.27 MB
04 - Used to Be (2008 Single Version).flac   25.73 MB
03 - Equal Mind.flac   25.67 MB
06 - Baseball Diamond.flac   25.03 MB
10 - Saturn Song.flac   20.24 MB
07 - Norway (iTunes Session Remix).flac   20.18 MB
12 - I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun.flac   18.99 MB
14 - Wherever You Go.flac   18.85 MB
02 - Baby.flac   16.77 MB
11 - Rain in Numbers.flac   13.3 MB
cover.jpg   3.19 MB
audiochecker.log   992 Byte
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(2017) Beach House - B-Sides and Rarities

Beach House fans were spoiled in the late 2010s: Not only did the band release Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars within a year of each other, they followed it with an even deeper dive into their music with B-Sides and Rarities. Covering more than a decade’s worth of songs, the collection underscores that while Beach House’s music sounds fragile, it’s also surprisingly resilient.
Their albums range from charmingly lo-fi to ethereal perfection without diminishing any of their poignant beauty, and B-Sides and Rarities is nearly as consistent. The set is bookended by a pair of songs that are classic Beach House: The previously unreleased “Chariot” begins things with glowing keyboards and a ticking drum machine that are instantly, reassuringly familiar, while the drifting ”Wherever You Go” closes the album with a slow fade. In between, B-Sides and Rarities points out the similarities and differences in Beach House’s music over the years, even if its tracks aren’t in chronological order. “Rain in Numbers,” a hushed, demo-quality song from 2005, proves once again that the interplay between Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally was magic from the start, while “Used to Be (2008 Single Version)” hints at the more polished approach they took on Teen Dream. Elsewhere, the Bloom outtake “Equal Mind” reflects that album’s crystalline beauty, and the whispery ruminations of “Baseball Diamond” (the collection’s other previously unreleased track) are lovely even if they’re not quite up to the standard of the songs that appeared on Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars. Many of B-Sides and Rarities‘ scattered gems come from 2009 and 2010, including standouts such as a remixed version of “White Moon” from their iTunes session EP and the aptly narcotic “10 Mile Stereo (Cough Syrup Remix),” which inflates the song’s melancholy to vast proportions. Meanwhile, other Teen Dream-era outtakes like “Baby,” a sardonic waltz about an overly confident lover, and the ’70s sunshine pop-indebted “The Arrangement,” serve as reminders that the band’s rare glimpses of humor are a refreshing part of their music. A live version of “Norway” with a different bridge and a lullaby cover of Queen’s “Play the Game” are treats for super fans that round out a collection that’s lovely in its own right, and in its own way, is just as representative of Beach House’s music as a traditional best-of would be.


01 - Chariot.flac

02 - Baby.flac

03 - Equal Mind.flac

04 - Used to Be (2008 Single Version).flac

05 - White Moon (iTunes Session Remix).flac

06 - Baseball Diamond.flac

07 - Norway (iTunes Session Remix).flac

08 - Play the Game.flac

09 - The Arrangement.flac

10 - Saturn Song.flac

11 - Rain in Numbers.flac

12 - I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun.flac

13 - 10 Mile Stereo (Cough Syrup Remix).flac

14 - Wherever You Go.flac

Country: USA

Genre: dream-pop, indie-rock

Media Report:
Source                           : CD

Format                           : FLAC

Format/Info                      : Free Lossless Audio Codec, 16-bit PCM

Bit rate mode                    : Variable

Bit rate                         : ~ 762-968 Kbps

Channel(s)                       : 2 channels

Sampling rate                    : 44.1 KHz

Bit depth                        : 16 bits

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